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  • Get Help With Water Damage In Utah.

    August 27th, 2013

    When you have water damage in your home due to fire or floods, you need assistance with the water damage clean up. Water damage in Utah can lead to foundational damage in your home, as well as mold growth if […]


Do you (and your home) need a little touch of kindness? Of course you do! Who couldn’t use that? And besides, you deserve that! So stop procrastinating; you deserve to do yourself and your home that kindness right now, today!


You may not know much about home care, you may know nothing, or you may know a bit and want to know more. Either way, you can find the knowledge, tips, and tricks you need here at A Touch of Kindness Home Care.


A Touch of Kindness Home Care is your one-stop for information regarding the care and keeping of your home and garden. This site is all about giving you the skills to make keeping your house in order not only the kind thing to do for your home, but kind to yourself as well.


Housework does not need to be backbreaking, mundane drudgery that makes you wish you had the staff from Downton Abbey at your beck and call. Housework can, however, be easily streamlined so that you can get back to watching Downton Abbey (or whatever your show is). This site is about being kind to you.